Armed Forces Marketing Council challenges changes to commissaries in military resale hearing

Washington, DC - On Wednesday, November 20, 2013, Tom Gordy, the President of the Armed Forces Marketing Council, served as a witness during a House Military Personnel Subcommittee hearing about military resale and the benefit it provides to military families. In written and oral testimony, Mr. Gordy challenged Department of Defense proposals that would change how the military commissaries are funded and result in diminished benefits to military families.

"Due to declining budgets, Resale leaders are being asked to consider significant cuts to their appropriated support that go beyond efficiencies to a real degradation and/or elimination of the benefit for military patrons, particularly those in CONUS...We are very concerned that short-term budget decisions made today that degrade or eliminate the resale benefit will have adverse long-term impacts on our military families as well as our ability to retain a ready, all-volunteer force."