Armed Forces Marketing Council

Supporting Quality of Life for Military Families


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The Armed Forces Marketing Council exists to protect and enhance earned quality of life benefits provided through the commissaries and exchanges for military families.



The Armed Forces Marketing Council engages with Congressional and Department of Defense leaders, Veteran and Military Support Organizations, military resale leaders and members of the media to raise awareness of issues pertaining to the military resale benefit.

Supporting Delivery of the Benefit


Member companies of the Armed Forces Marketing Council work everyday all around the world to ensure military families have access to quality name brand products at low prices regardless of where they serve.  

About Us


At the Armed Forces Marketing Council,   we "serve the most deserving" by working to protect and  enhance the value of the military resale benefit for military families.   By engaging with leaders on Capitol Hill and at the  Department of  Defense, as well as the military services and the military resale systems, we address issues that impact the non-pay compensation benefit  provided to military families through the commissaries and exchanges.   By volunteering to serve in our nation's military, service members and their families make a tremendous sacrifice to keep America safe and defend freedom around the  world.  Our goal is to ensure  that the commissary and exchange  benefits that service members have  earned are worthy of their service  and sacrifice and continue to support  the recruitment, retention, resiliency and readiness of our armed forces  to meet the global challenges of  today and tomorrow.


The Armed Forces Marketing Council is a non-profit business league comprised of firms representing over 400 manufacturers who supply consumer products to military resale activities world wide.  The AFMC was organized to:

  • Promote unity of effort through a cooperative working relationship among the congress, the military and the industry.
  • Provide a forum for addressing and solving industry-wide problems.
  • Assist in accomplishing the military resale system mission.
  • Strive for worldwide availability of quality consumer products at prices consistent with the best values.
  • Seek continued congressional support and funding of the military resale system.
  • Assist in maintaining the resale system as an integral part of military life.
  • Promote awareness of sales representative services to the military and manufacturers.